Briony + Inny

Not many relationships make it through a deportation. Especially all the way from Australia to Wales! But Briony and Inny's did, and boy am I ever glad.

I'm posting this one now because I'm SO excited to be at another DeMott family wedding later this year! Briony and Inny had a picture perfect wedding. Set on Briony's family's amazing property, they had it all: donuts. A private dance at sunset. A beautiful Welsh song sung at the ceremony. A dog with a bowtie. Golfing. A big love ball. A ridiculous dance party. So many Welsh accents. Did I mention the donuts?

More than all of that, their day was filled with love, heartfelt words, a few tears, and a lot of laughs. This one leaves me with a massive smile on my face every time, and a warm and full feeling in my heart.