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Creating videos isn't easy - we know! We encourage our clients to work with professionals whenever possible in order to get the most out of their time and money. But, we also understand that there are times when it just isn't possible to bring in a professional ... maybe you're trying to create video content for your blog daily ... or maybe you're stuck inside during a quarantine...

Whatever the reason, there's a lot you can do with the tools that you have available, and we can help you take your videos to the next level. We can help you ensure that your videos are good quality, on brand, convey the right information, and meet your clients' expectations, and we can do it all online!

Creating a DIY video with the advice and assistance of a professional videographer isn't going to be the same as having a professional film and produce your video. There isn't a replacement for professional video services, and we're not advocating for that. But, we can help you create better videos yourself while you're waiting to produce your next big video project.

Who are we?


We aren't just videographers. True, we have ten years of experience as videographers with Paper Heart Films creating videos ranging from wedding videos to instructional videos, and from 1-min instagram promos to a full-length feature documentary. But, we also draw on our wide background of experience and knowledge to help inform and support our clients.


Chelsea Kanstrup

Before starting Paper Heart Films, Chelsea completed her Bachelor of Commerce Degree specializing in Entrepreneurship. She worked for years in the non-profit sector, especially in donor outreach and fundraising. She has worked for organizations ranging from global charities to local art galleries, and as a videographer has worked with lots of local businesses to help them tell their story.


Bryan Smith

Bryan worked as an Instructional Designer before becoming a videographer, helping teachers and educators develop lessons, courses, and activities using online technologies. He also worked as a Service Designer, helping government organizations launch new services and redevelop old ones. Before that, Bryan worked in museums and galleries, and he now runs Accession, a consulting firm which helps non-profits plan and adapt in a digital world. 


How does this work?

We've created three different packages to help support you in your video-creation journey. We know that everyone has a different comfort-level and access to different equipment - that's okay! Whatever you have and wherever you're at, we're here to help!

Option 1:

 The Consult

You're making videos already - you just want some help to improve them!

You’ve done this before, or you’re just doing something really simple like just talking to the camera. You’re not interested in adding music or graphics or any editing, but you just want some tips and tricks for how to improve the quality of your at-home videos. Things like where to stand to get the best light, how to create an ideal audio situation, or what settings to use on your camera or phone can really improve the quality of your videos.

We’ll do a half-hour consult with you over video chat and walk you through it all. Then it’s up to you! You’ll film your video and upload it to your channels. This option works best if you’ve done this before and feel comfortable using your camera, making basic edits, and uploading.



Option 2:

You can shoot the video, but need help with the editing piece. 

We edit your footage for you!

Are you scared of video editing software? We get it. Editing takes the most amount of time when producing a video. Don't worry - we can help! We’ll start with a one-hour consultation. Through our consult we’ll help you put together a shot list and a storyboard. We’ll also provide resources to help you shoot the best footage possible with the tools you have. Then, you’ll film your video and send the footage to us. We’ll take it from there! We’ll edit your footage together and make it look awesome, as well as adding any music or graphics needed. We’ll send it back to you with easy to follow instructions for uploading it anywhere you want it to go - Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.



*based on a 1-minute film

Option 3:

You'll shoot your video with some added gear to help take things up a notch!

We edit your footage + provide gear rental

This option looks exactly the same as option two, but we’ll include rental of one of our lavaliere microphones! We’ll (safely) drop it at your door and pick it up when you’re done. Most cameras and phones can take really high quality footage if the lighting conditions are right, but the audio is often lacking. Good audio can take your video from okay to great! We’ll still do an hour-long consult, help with the shot list and storyboard, talk you through the setup, and do your edit as well. We’ll make sure that the mics are fully sanitized before and after use!



*based on a 1-minute film


Check out a sample!

Like many industries, those of us in the events community got rocked by the unexpected and unprecedented global pandemic.  After the initial period of shock, we knew that Twist had to pivot and keep engaging our clients.  We also wanted to do our part to spread some joy and put out a positive message.  We created a new concept, Curbside Cocktails, and wanted to launch quickly and effectively.  While entrepreneurs are good at wearing many hats, video content creation isn't one that we have in the closet.  We connected with Paper Heart because we knew that they'd done fantastic videos for many wedding clients who we'd worked with previously.  What happened next was hard to believe.  Not only did they coach us through creating a video using our own phones and lack of camera talent, but they also took our rough videos and turned them into a stunning promotional video in a shockingly quick turnaround time.  The result is that our new concept took the market by storm, with an effectively conveyed message, and immediately brought new clients in.  It was our first experience going viral (pardon the ill-timed expression), and our social media and website have been pounded with new interactions ever since.  It's important to note that working with Chelsea and Bryan is an absolute pleasure, and they are great communicators in every sense of the word.



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Ready to start creating? Great! We've prepared some resources to help get you started. Click on the button below to check out our resources and, if you have questions, don't hesitate to be in touch!


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