Video Production

(with help)


Are you ready to start creating a video? Great! We've put together some resources to help get you started. You can download the PDFs on this page and use them to help plan your video, create your storyboard, and improve your filming. Remember, if you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Film Planning Tool

Use this canvas tool to help you plan your video. Fill our each section to give you a sense of your audience, topics, video structure, and platforms. Come back to it as a reminder while you're shooting your video - what were your goals? 

Creating a Storyboard or Plan

Not sure where to start with your script or storyboard? Check out these tips to help you put your ideas down on paper.

Film Storyboarding Tool

Start getting creative! Use this tool to help you plan your film shot by shot. Sketch out each angle so that you know how to capture each shot of your film.  

Shooting Your Video - The Basics

Our Top Ten Tips and Tricks for shooting your video on your phone.  

Shooting Your Video - Advanced

Take it to the next level with these advanced tips for shooting video on your phone.  


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