Why are family films important?

We all know that the simple, every-day moments in life are often the most special. Sometimes, though, it's only after the fact that we get the camera out. In hindsight, there are so many moments that fly by that we wish we could watch again and again. The way your 2-year-old laughs is so different than how they laugh when they're 10. The songs you sing to your newborn now will sound different when you’re 80. Your mum's 60th birthday party might be the only time you get the whole family together in one room. 


Of course, you probably already take videos on your phone of your family, and that's awesome! But if you’re taking the video, how are you capturing yourself? How are you capturing the interactions between you and your kids or the rest of your family? As much as you may be terrified of being on film now, in 10 or 20 or 50 years, your child will be eternally grateful to have your personality captured in a video. Plus, booking a Family Film means you won't have to decide between enjoying the moment or taking out the camera.

Family Films



Capture your brand-new baby while they’re still brand new! We can’t capture that fantastic smell, but we can get everything else - those adorable sounds, the teeny tiny feet, the way they look at you with wonder and love, their heartbreaking cries. We’ll ask you to write some promises for them for throughout their life - kind of like wedding vows - to capture on camera. Our favourite part of this is imagining each child watching this video when they’re an adult - what a special gift to give your child! We’ll help you with the promises if you’re having a hard time writing them, and then we’ll edit it all together into a short film.


Children grow up so quickly. One minute they're 2 and the next they're 22! These films are a great way to capture a moment in time and remember your child's unique quirks and personality at each stage of their life. We'll film them (and you, their siblings, your dog - anyone else in your family!) doing your child's favourite activity, and we'll also ask you some questions about them (this sounds scary but I promise we have lots of ways to make it easier than it sounds!). Depending on your child's age, we might ask them some questions, too!


So you don't have a newborn and no one has a birthday coming up, but you really want to capture the specialness of everyday life with your family. We'll come into your home and capture the ordinary moments that make your family unique - it's playing in the backyard, making cookies, reading books, building legos, dressing up, putting the kids down for a nap, chasing the cat around the house - the list is endless! These are the moments that make up a life and show just how unique and special your family truly is.



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