Karli + Ian

There's a reason why I cry every time I watch this wedding film. It doesn't happen often anymore - I stare at these things for more hours than I'd ever like to admit (even to myself), and once you've looked at something that closely and for that long, it can start to lose it's magic. But this one gets me every time.

I knew right away when I met Karli that she was special, and that their wedding day was going to be spectacular. But my expectations didn't even scratch the surface. Between the cheese "cake" (wheels of cheese stacked to look like a cake - the first I had seen since my own wedding!), ping pong tournament, beautiful and touching remembrance of Karli's mom, personal and heartfelt speeches, and one of the most spectacular dance parties I've ever witnessed, Karli and Ian had a wedding day that almost rivals the love they share for each other. Almost. But the love between them can't be beat. Unless maybe it was in competition with that carmelized onion aged cheddar...