Squamish Wedding Video | Mia and Connor | Private Property Wedding, Squamish, BC

September 14, 2019

“All the plans were made, arrangements committed, dates set. All that was left to do was get the hair and makeup done, put on the dress and suit, shine the shoes, and get married. Then, that cable was cut, and everything changed in minutes.”

Mia and Connor were supposed to get married at the Sea to Sky Gondola in the summer of 2019. A month before the wedding, the cable for the Gondola was cut by a vandal, and suddenly the venue was out of service. We read the news the morning it happened and we panicked, and I can’t even imagine how Mia and Connor felt that day. But, this incredible, resourceful, and eternally optimistic couple wasn’t about to be stopped by a small inconvenience like having to change basically everything about their wedding. Within hours, Mia and Connor had found a new venue: the backyard of a good samaritan who came up to Mia and asked if she was okay when she read about the gondola cable that morning at the gym and began to cry. And just like that, with a great deal of re-planning and a few adjustments, the wedding was back on track.

Weddings don’t ever go as planned. Sometimes the bumps are bigger than others, but there’s always something that doesn’t go just right. And, it can be really upsetting when the image you had in your head of your wedding day isn’t what your day turns out to be. But, we never ask our couples what they want their day to look like. Instead, we ask them what they want their day to feel like, because truthfully, when all is said and done, what matters is that you’re able to celebrate your love, acknowledge your journey to your wedding day, and commit to the journey ahead. And, your day can feel romantic and calm, or fun and silly, or elegant and classy no matter where, when, or how you do things. And, it’s our job to capture those feelings and make sure your film gives you those feelings every time you watch it.

Mia and Connor stayed true to how they wanted their day to feel, and I admire them deeply for it. Despite all the other challenges, they knew they wanted their day to be about the love of their friends and family, the celebration of the journey they’d been on together (literally one that spans the entire country), and the commitment they were making to their future together. Their day was supposed to feel “fun, joyful, and loving” (their response to our question: “If you could describe what you want your wedding to feel like in three words, what would they be?”), and it was exactly that and more. And so, when the downpour started on this outdoor wedding, it didn’t matter at all. Everyone was there to have fun, be joyful, and celebrate love, and that’s exactly what happened.

Mia and Connor, you’re an incredible couple who were able to create a beautiful wedding against all odds. You look at life with an optimism and joy that we envy, and we’re so glad we were there to be part of your incredible day.

Videographer: Paper Heart Films

Photographer: Taylor Roades Photography

Officiant: Kadee Smedley from Young, Hip & Married

Makeup Artist: Jennifer Robinson

Hair Stylist: Faye Smith

Dress: Bisou Bridal

Transportation: Whistler Connection

DJ: Richard from Trax DJ Service