Victoria Wedding Video | Shawna and Erik | Bear Mountain Wedding, Victoria, BC

September 21, 2019

We’re always looking for the moments between the poses. That’s what we tell couples about how we work as videographers during their photo session, but sometimes it can be difficult to imagine what that might look like. Well, Shawna and Erik gave us the perfect example of this. They were candid and sweet, and even when the photographer (the lovely and talented Ang of Myrtle and Moss) wasn’t taking photos, these two continued to look lovingly at each other. Take, for example, the moments at the beginning of the film (00:08 - 00:15). The photo session is an awesome time on a wedding day because for a brief moment on an otherwise often chaotic day, you get to spend a little time with each other, relax, and enjoy being together and alone, away from everyone else. Well, except for me, because I’m filming you subtly from a distance. That sounds creepy, I know, but it’s worth it to capture moments like this, or like the moment at 01:57.

But if we’re talking about candid, natural moments, my favourite of those moments from this day has to be the couple’s first dance outside of the hotel that evening. This was unplanned, but we happened to be out there with them and asked for a dance, and the magical moment starting at 03:53 began. The lights from the hotel illuminated Shawna and Erik, the fountain cascaded behind them, and the two of them danced together like nobody was watching, and it was awesome.

We feel fortunate to be able to capture these candid, unplanned moments, because truthfully, not everything on a wedding day goes to plan. If we waited to film only the planned moments on a day, our films would look very different. We’d miss out on the raw and emotional moments. We’d lose the little glances, the hugs, the laughs, and the unscripted dances in the dark. True, we do a lot of pre-planning before each wedding, but when we get there on the day, we look for the moments that nobody planned to happen. And, we so appreciate that couples trust us to do this, because it allows us to make films like this.

Videographer: Paper Heart Films

Venue: Bear Mountain

Photographer: Myrtle and Moss

Officiant: Michael Denton

Makeup Artist: Artistry by Alexa

Hair Stylist: Emily from Salon Muse

Suit Rental: Moore's

Bridal Dress Shop: Shades of White

Wedding Planner: Champagne Rose Events

DJ: Capital City DJ