Victoria Wedding Video | Tanisha + Rob | The Beach House Wedding, Victoria

June 1, 2019

Tanisha and Rob’s wedding was a masterclass in vow writing. Seriously, just try and watch through this film without tearing up because of those vows. It’s impossible.

There are a few things that made Tanisha and Rob’s vows stand out to me, and let’s start with the setting. The beach in front of the Beach House restaurant is a gorgeous ceremony spot, and on this day the water was calm and serene, lapping gently up the beach just enough to provide that beautiful wave noise in the background. You can see the seagulls float by behind Tanisha as she starts her vows (00:40), and the light falls just perfectly on her hair and gorgeous dress.

But, more important than the setting is the fact that these vows tell a story of a relationship. They make promises grounded in that relationship, pulling from Tanisha and Rob’s experiences together and looking forward into the future. The vows complement each other perfectly, and they come directly from the heart.

Perhaps the greatest thing about these vows, from a filmmaker’s point of view, is that they’re real. They’re emotional and raw and it shows. You can feel the emotion coming through, and you can see and hear it in the deep breaths, the tears (01:05), and the looks of love (01:29). You can’t watch those without getting swept up in the vows and the love between these two.

If I could give couples advice for writing vows, I’d say follow Tanisha and Rob’s example: be real, be raw, reflect on your story, and look to your future.

Oh, and make sure your super-cute dogs are there as witnesses too.

Videographer: Paper Heart Films

Venue: The Beach House

Photographer: Molly Jane Photo

Officiant: Teresa Kodjer

Florist: Ingrid Rose Floral Artistry

Makeup: Alexa - Artistry By Alexa

Hair: Sofia - Artistry By Alexa

Bridal Dress Shop: Luz Bridal

Suit Shop: Custom Suit from Moores

Wedding Coordinator: Jodi Marie Events

Chalkboard Calligraphy: XM Calligraphy

Photo Booth: Four Frames Photo Booth

DJ: DJ Chris Poynter