Victoria Wedding Video | Jenna and Travis | Kildara Farms Wedding, Victoria, BC

August 24, 2019

“Jenna. Getting to love you has been the greatest privilege and challenge of my life. Your heart is more endless than the Grand Canyon, and it is my privilege to hold dear, yet it is my challenge not to get lost forever in its depths. Your eyes show a passion for life that is more engulfing than the fiercest storm, and it’s my privilege to share your energy, yet it is my challenge not to get swept away. Your smile gives more radiance and warmth than the sun itself, and it is my privilege to behold, yet it is my challenge not to be blinded by its beauty.”

There are moments on every wedding day when something happens and we know immediately that it’s going to be a key moment in the highlight film. Although we always do a lot of pre-production ahead of time, you can’t plan for these moments - they happen spontaneously and quickly, and it is our privilege to be able to capture them, but it is our challenge to not get swept away by them and to keep our cameras rolling.

Travis’ vows were one of those moments. As soon as he started to read his vows to Jenna, we knew that this was how their film would start.

This was a beautiful wedding day at Kildara Farm that was truly a celebration of friends, family, and loved ones and was full of smiles, hugs, and just the most positive energy. Getting to celebrate days like these with people like Jenna, Travis, and their family and friends is why we do what we do, and it’s our privilege to be a part of each and every wedding like this one, and our challenge not to just explode with joy each time a film like this comes together.

Videographer: Paper Heart Films

Photographer: Tasha Cline

Venue: Kildara Farms

Officiant: JoAnne Reid

Florist: Kildara Farms

Makeup Artist: Erica Harris

Hair Stylist: EK Hair

Suit Rental: Moore's

Dress: Shades of White

Wedding Cake: Ooh La La Cupcakes

Caterer: Food For Thought

DJ: Sensational Sound

Ceremony Music: Shima Takeda