How will your wedding feel?

It's easy to look at a group of weddings and see the similarities. Most have a ceremony, some sort of reception, food, music, and guests. In fact, we've filmed weddings with the same officiant, venue, planner, photographer, florist - weddings that to some people, might look pretty darn identical.


But we see so much more. The intricacies between family relationships. The friends who have flown halfway across the world, having not seen each other for years. The sadness of those who weren't able to make it, and the joy and excitement of deciding to spend forever with someone you love more than you thought possible. Whether your wedding is "by the book" or completely out of the norm, your wedding film will be unique and personalized to you. It's my favourite challenge at every wedding - to find a unique story and tell it in a way that makes you feel like you're back at your wedding.

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