Chelsea Kanstrup and Bryan Smith, owners of Paper Heart Films

Our Approach

We’re Chelsea Kanstrup and Bryan Smith! We met in 2007 and got married in 2015. Chelsea started Paper Heart in 2011 after the a few years working for a different wedding video company, and Bryan has been working with her part time ever since, joining on as a full time partner in 2019. We both grew up in Victoria and we love playing games (especially Ticket to Ride), snuggling with our fluffy cat Lou, travelling, and making films! In his spare time, Bryan plays soccer and runs a consulting company for cultural organizations, Accession, and Chelsea plays in the band Fox Glove.

We love filming weddings for so many reasons, but the most important of those things is getting to capture a moment in time that will bring you joy and good feelings for years to come. We get such fulfilment when we hear from couples that they watch their wedding film every time they want to smile. We work really hard to preserve the feeling of your wedding in your film - the feeling of warmth, happiness, and excitement when you're surrounded by the people you love. Those moments don't happen very often, and until we figure out time travel, the best way to revisit that moment is through film.

Where does the process start?

Before your wedding day, our main focus will be on getting to know you. We like to meet up at least once before your wedding (coffee? wine? board game cafe?) - it’s so important that you feel as comfortable with us as we do with you. In a lot of cases, you’ll probably see more of us on your wedding day than you will your partner! So it’s so important that we get along (and that you get used to our special blend of dad jokes before the big day). We’ll also send out a questionnaire before your wedding so that we have all the important details about your story, your family, and your day.

Chelsea Kanstrup, owner of Paper Heart Films, in action filming a wedding

How do we work on a wedding day?

On a wedding day, we take a fly-on-the-wall, documentary-style approach to capturing footage. That means we’re there with you throughout the day, but we’re trying not to be in the way. We want you to feel comfortable and natural, not posed and awkward. Ideally, you’ll forget we’re there. Our sneakiness lets us capture intimate moments in a non-creepy way. In order to stay inconspicuous on a wedding day, we have a gear set-up that is mobile, portable, and low-profile. That means we don’t use big lights or large cameras, we aren’t bringing in boom-mics or cranes, and we aren’t flying a drone over your ceremony site. To get natural, candid moments, we want people to feel comfortable and not “on-display”. 

Bryan Smith, owner of Paper Heart Films, in action filming a wedding and looking somewhat silly

Jon-Mark Wiltshire

Jon-Mark Photography

"As a photographer, I can't stress how great it is to work alongside a videographer who really values the experience of her clients and their guests. Many videographers I've worked with will do whatever they need to "get the shot", which sometimes means being a conspicuous distraction during an important and intimate day.


Chelsea's quiet presence beautifully captures the feeling of the day without making her clients wonder how much of their day they need to sacrifice for a great video. Her sweet and warm demeanour is always a welcome addition to any wedding I've shot with her."

Jon-Mark Wiltshire, Wedding Photographer

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Winnr, Best Overall Filmmaker, 2019, The Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards
Winner, Best Short Film, 2019, The Vancouver Island Wedding Industry Awards