Why do we love weddings?

It all comes down to the story. Whether you know it or not, you have one, and it's amazing, if for no other reason than it's yours and yours alone! We let your unique personality shine through in your wedding film so that no two look the same. We like to imagine your great-grandkids watching your film decades from now - it may be the only way they know you! Pretty neat, if you ask me :)


We create wedding films in Victoria, but we love to travel! We're available all across Canada (and sometimes elsewhere...we love Paris...just saying...) and our travel fees are modest (especially if it's Paris...).


We've been called "wedding ninjas" before - our sneakiness lets us capture intimate moments, in a non-creepy way. We're easy going and helpful.

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When I tell people I make wedding films, I often hear "can you go back in time and film my wedding?" When else will you have all of your family and friends in one place? How many videos do you have of your parents? Yourself and your (soon to be) husband or wife? Your best friends? Okay, you may have some videos of your friends, but how many could you show your kids (if you decide to have them) one day? Imagine sitting with your husband, fifty years from now, and reliving the day you decided to be together forever. I get it - weddings are expensive. But when the rentals are returned, the food is eaten, and the flowers have wilted, a wedding film lives on as your first family heirloom for years to come. Also, they're pretty fun to share on Facebook.
Our full day wedding coverage in Victoria starts at $2550, with most couples spending around $3100. We also have a great elopement package and love to create custom packages if you have something different in mind. Send a note or give a ring and we'll pass along all the details!

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