We love stories. We tell them through emotional, unique, personality-filled videography. We're a little goofy and filled with a lot of love. We're focused on getting to the heart of your story, whether that's a wedding day, a business-video, a family session, or anything in between.

We're a wife and husband team who, along with a mighty staff of helpers, want to help you find your story, tell your story, preserve your story, and share your story.

Paper Heart Films officially launched in 2010 and has been growing ever since. Chelsea, the founder and owner, has been working in film ever since she went to the Gulf Islands Film and Television Summer Camp during middle school. After working for a different wedding video company as a part-time job, when the opportunity came up she decided to buy the company and form Paper Heart. We've been filming weddings, events, plays, businesses, feature documentaries, and other videos ever since. 

We want our films to capture your story. What does it feel like to be at your wedding? What experience do people have when they walk into your store? What is it like to spend a lazy Sunday with your family? Our films are carefully planned and crafted to capture those feelings.

We work with all our clients to make sure that we're the right fit; because our work is driven by personality and emotion, we want to make sure that we're the right people to tell your story. We also want to make sure that video is the right approach; why do you want a video? What do you want it to do? What emotions do you want to capture, preserve, or share? We work with you to figure these things out long before we start shooting, because we know it results in a better product at the end.

Meet the Team

We've got a small but mighty team with a lot of experience in all kinds of video production.  Hover over or click each of us to learn more, but don't hesitate to get in touch and we can schedule a meeting to get to know each other.

Wedding Photographer


"I've had the opportunity to work with Chelsea on many occasions. Each time, I've been impressed with her calm and cheerful nature. I instantly feel at ease with her. I'm also impressed with her thorough planning and attention to detail.  She has a keen eye for telling a beautiful wedding day story in a beautiful way. Chelsea is a joy to be around. I love working with her."

Deanna McCollum

Deanna McCollum Photography
Carmelle and Rey, Wedding Video Clients

Carmelle and Rey

"When we were planning our wedding, we weren't sure if we wanted to invest in videography. We came across the Paper Heart Films website and were totally impressed by their work. After meeting with Chelsea, we knew it was the right fit. Right from the beginning, she was so interested in what we envisioned for our wedding and had lots of great questions for us (things we never thought about before!). On our wedding day, Chelsea and her partner Bryan were organized, positive, and professional. They just knew what to do! In the end, we were thoroughly pleased with the final product. Chelsea and Bryan were able to capture every special moment, and most importantly, they were able to piece things together in a beautiful highlight film. Anyone looking for a reliable and talented team of wedding videographers should definitely consider Paper Heart Films!

Barb Raymond, Wedding Planner

“I have had the lovely opportunity over the past few years to get to know Chelsea & Bryan, through the wedding community here in Victoria.  After working on numerous projects & weddings together, I was so excited to finally be able to have them leave their mark on my own brand.  Knowing that I wanted a video that truly captured the spirit of FKE and my passion for weddings, I knew that Paper Heart Films would be the perfect fit.  Working together throughout the planning for the video and the actual filming was so much fun, and I couldn’t be happier with the result!  It’s obvious that they really listened to what I hoped to achieve out of it, and I feel like any prospective clients watching my video, will instantly get a better sense of who I am and what FKE is all about!  Thank you so much you guys, for all of your hard work, and for creating something that is perfectly me!"

Barb Raymond

French Kiss Events

"Our wedding day was the most important, best day of our lives. To be able to have that day, those moments, captured for us to watch and look back on for days to come is something special. We don't know where to start about how amazing Chelsea and Scott were on our wedding day. They fit right in with our family, friends, and whole atmosphere of the wedding. From as soon as they arrived, Chelsea and Scott were instants friends who we were comfortable to be ourselves with. When we got our wedding preview video to share with our friends and family, we were speechless! Chelsea did an amazing job putting our wedding into an epic 4min video. We have lost count of the amount of times we have watched it! All of our friends and family cried being able to re-live such an amazing day. Even the song Chelsea picked for us summed up the feel of the wedding perfectly. We really can't say enough great things about Chelsea. She's someone who we will now always have a connection with and who is a great new friend! We can't thank you enough!"

Amber and Ben, Wedding Video Clients

Amber and Ben

Jon-Mark Wiltshire, Wedding Photographer

"As a photographer, I can't stress how great it is to work alongside a videographer who really values the experience of her clients and their guests. Many videographers I've worked with will do whatever they need to "get the shot", which sometimes means being a conspicuous distraction during an important and intimate day. Chelsea's quiet presence beautifully captures the feeling of the day without making her clients wonder how much of their day they need to sacrifice for a great video. Her sweet and warm demeanour is always a welcome addition to any wedding I've shot with her."

Jon-Mark Wiltshire

Jon-Mark Photography
Danika and Paul, Wedding Video Clients

"We had such a fantastic experience with Paper Heart films and are absolutely thrilled with our video. The moments that Paper Heart films captured for us are amazing and they managed to do it in a way that was completely unobtrusive. Chelsea made us feel completely relaxed right from the beginning when we met with her for our consultation. Chelsea really got to know us as a couple and her calm and sweet demeanor was exactly what was needed on the wedding day.

What we love about Paper Heart films is that each of their videos is completely unique,and each one is special. After watching a Paper Heart video you feel like you know the couple, and their story. Our Paper Heart Film is something we will treasure forever."

Danika and Paul